20 novembre 2021 - "Teorie e Tecniche del Viaggio nel Tempo"
Conferenza curata da Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Andrea Rossetti, Bookcity & D.E.T.A.
Con la partecipazione di Luigi Garlaschelli, Alessandro Gori, Selena Garau Maher, Federico Lai, Valerio Lundini, Antonio Romano
Auditorium G. Marinotti


28 novembre 2021 - "Il Futuro in 204 Secondi"
EVENTO SEGRETO curato da Daniele Campagnano
Con la partecipazione di Lina


Dart Milano

Museum of Dynamic Art


Spacial concept art for     MARTIX     metaverse for art

giant monolith_edited.png

The Mausoleo of Android 44 is a metaphysical space dedicated to the preservation of the memory of Android 44 according to the narration of DustyEye.


"An entirely digital building in memory of the android N44 V864.962, promoter of the brotherhood between Humanity and Machine, will be erected from the parts of the 25th century.
Playing nearly seventy-four decades ahead, we are delighted to present Mausoleum 44, a tribute to the memory of the First Emotionally Advanced Android.

In spite of a canonical Mausoleum, this building also possesses the nature of Agora. Inside, individual recollection is therefore appreciated as much as collective dialogue.

None of this would have seen the light without the energies of:
Martix: the metaverse in which Mausoleum 44 lays the foundations
Vincenzo Bordoni: the demiurge of Martix
Elrah: whose transtemporal faculties have made her the perfect architect"

Mausoleo of Android 44- DustyEye